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Trade education, investing tips, real trades, and LIVE interaction

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The many benefits of Trader Cafe

What Kind of Traders Would Be Interested in This Trade Room?

What to Expect

Why Trader Cafe

What Kind of Traders Would Be Interested in This Trade Room?

Anyone looking to make money in these markets would be interested in our trading room and a perfect fit. Whether you are a day trader or swing trader or even investor, we have tips to share with you.

The model of the banks plays out everywhere and on any time frame. It is a universal strategy that you will learn and will gain access to analysis on the overall market as a whole. Whether you are looking to learn a new strategy or add on to what you already have, our room will be perfect for you.

What to Expect

– Risk Management/Money Management.
– Trade reviews that you can send in screen shots of personal trades and we will review them live in the classroom.
– Actual trades with real money being traded in the room, not Monday morning quarterbacking and illusions that the teacher is in a trade.
– Every trade will be shown on LIVE accounts as they are being taken in the FOREX and advertised win or loss.

Expect to get a full market review each day from Trader Cafe’s experts.
– Review trade setups that were taken that day and the results win or loss.
– Review any setups that are playing out for the next day.
– News events and how they are effecting the current state of the market.
– Education aspects of trading.
– Video courses and introductions to the strategies.

Why Trader Cafe?

At Trader Cafe you’ll learn how to become a better trader and discover how to profit from the Banks business model. You’ll also gain the following:
– How to manage risk and develop a trading strategy to fit your needs.
– Managing emotional intelligence with trades
– Rolling schedule on different sections:
– Banks Business model

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